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Donna's Mod Owls

Donna was my sister. In late December 2021 she unexpectedly passed away. While visiting her home in Nova Scotia to take care of her affairs, I came across three of her finished quilt tops. This is the second of the three I've finished. There's one left to go.

At the time the tops came home with me, I had no idea what to do with them, and would occasionally take them out of the closet to admire. Earlier this year I thought it would be a good idea to finish them, and give them to the people she loved the best and that loved her back. This beauty was mailed out to her best friend Peter just this morning. I think she would have been pleased.

As for the technical details, I used the Kapari pantograph by Quilting It. I think it compliments the piecing well and has a clean look that will appeal to Peter. The top thread and bobbin threads were both Glide #40. The top thread was a medium grey that matched the background extremely well. Unfortunately, I could not read the tiny writing on the label of that spool - it was mutilated by poking a hole through it. The bobbin also used Glide #40 in White.

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