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Warp and Weft

I am a fortunate woman. My husband, Peter, loves colour. When our usual winter time quilt started showing signs of wear, it seemed like a good idea to get another quilt ready to cycle into rotation. Peter does appreciate a pretty quilt, but something more graphic for our bedroom was really the way to go. I stumbled upon the Warp and Weft design by Stitch and Yarn on Piece Fabric Co’s site while browsing kits one day in the spring of 2022 and knew it would be something we both would love to see on our bed.

Finished quilt on the grass.

The top was pieced that summer. It offered straightforward sewing at a time when there was not much room in my head for anything else. It’s simple, repeating pattern allowed for easy chain piecing sessions, and relatively fast assembly of the whole quilt. All in all, it gave me the satisfaction of being productive without having to think too much about anything at all.

Corner of the quilt featuring the longarm quilting pattern.

Instead of extending the rows, the design was expanded to fit a king sized bed by adding borders along the sides of the quilt. The backing is made from two wonderful prints by FreeSpirit designer Billy Reue from the Log Tavern Road collection. This designer can be hard to find in Canada and it would be lovely to see more work from him. Fabric Spark in Toronto carried much of his line last summer and I snagged nine or ten yards to back the quilt.

A corner of the quilt folded over the top to show off the backing.

When it came time a few weeks ago to quilt it, the choice was Modern Curves 2 by Anita Shackleford. The quilt was loaded on the longarm sideways so the quilting design would run vertically when it is on the bed. It was quilted using Glide White thread on the top and in the bobbin. The batting is Quilter’s Dream Select cotton. I love the texture, graphic design of the top, and explosion of pattern and colour on the back. We are sleeping under this beauty now.

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