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Longarm Quilting Services

 Welcome to Quiltinator. Located in Hamilton, ON, Canada, Quiltinator provides computerised longarm quilting services to local and mail-in clients.

You've spent a lot of time and effort creating a beautiful quilt top and now you'd like to have it quilted. Whether you want an edge-to-edge design, or a semi-custom treatment, Quiltinator is here to meet your quilting needs.

You may already have a clear idea about how you'd like your quilt quilted, or you may want a bit of help. If you would like a hand selecting a quilting design to compliment your work, we can discuss your preferences and what you'd like to see for your quilt. 

Have a look at the Edge-to-Edge and the Block Based pages in the Quilting Designs menu for ideas. Can't find what you want? Listed on the bottom of the Edge-to-Edge and Block Based pages are some sites offering other designs.

What is an edge-to-edge design?

 In an edge-to-edge design, a single design is quilted over the entire quilt top.

What is a semi-custom design?

Semi-custom quilting involves two or more designs. As an example, a border design and an edge-to-edge design quilted within that border would be considered a semi-custom design. Some block based quilting and sashing designs are available as well. This service is temporarily unavailable.

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