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Hi, my name is Gale Bulkley. Welcome to Quiltinator.

I started making quilts in 2015 after seeing a social media post featuring a version of the Metro Lattice quilt pictured above. It was my first finished quilt and is still in daily use. Yeah. I went big with a curved project and hand quilting. Regardless, it was love at first stitch. Eventually I dragged my younger sister into making quilts too. Somewhere along the way, we both started to daydream about having longarm quilting businesses.

Two things happened in quick succession that pushed my daydream into reality. My sister unexpectedly passed away, and three weeks later I had a prize fight with breast cancer (I’m fine now). It was a difficult time filled with reflection. It led me to believe I could fulfill that dream. That life is too short not to try. It has been a joyful adventure - one my sister would be proud of.

I live in Hamilton, ON with my husband and Six-of-Three (the cat). I like cooking a complicated meal from time to time, baking, science fiction and crime shows, and reading. Oh, and of course, quilting. I like quilting a lot.

Why Quiltinator? Well, have you seen that ginormous machine?


Picture of the ginormous quilting machine coming soon.


I quilt on a Gammill Ascend with a 30 inch throat, on a 12 foot frame.

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