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The First

The Metropolis quilt, pattern by Elizabeth Hartman in her book Modern Patchwork, was the first quilt top I ever made. It was sewn during the spring and summer of 2013. It was probably an overly ambitious project for a first time quilt top sewist, but I loved it. I did not completely understand the instructions so purchased a whack of fabric. And there was a LOT of fabric. Enough for the top and the backing. Who knew?

Needless to say, when the piecing was finished, I was nervous about moving on to the next steps. How on earth was I ever going to get the top and the back to line up? So in the closet it went, where it languished for almost 10 full years. After working on some plain practice pieces, this was the first serious project that was loaded onto the machine. I was intimidated by everything. The longarm, the double sided nature of the project, thread tension, and even selecting the pantograph (quilting design) and thread colour to use.

I loved the transformation from top, batting and backing to quilted item. Watching each pass of the machine along the surface of the quilt was fascinating. I worried the whole time about whether it would turn out, and was so excited to take it off of the machine to bind it. At the moment it is serving as a temporary quilt for the spare room. It's just a bit too small to cover the bed nicely, but it works for the moment.

Quilting Details

Pantograph: Diamond Loops by the Longarm League.

Thread: Glide #40 in White.

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